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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Charter Communications Xbox Sweepstakes

For over a week now, my instant messenger is not working for unknown reasons. Even the responsible people for it do not know what the problem was. They said that it seem to be working fine when they checked it on their end. As a result, they suggested I contact my Internet service provider, as they are sure it has something to do with my connection. Unfortunately, my provider cannot resolve my problem either. Worst, it took them forever to answer my call and even the simplest questions I threw them. I made a decision to look for another provider, as this is not the first time I had bad experience with them.

I would like a company that offers services in bundle. Cable TV, high-speed Internet, and Phone in one bill. Just like what Charter Communications offer. However, at this point I am interested in their high-speed Internet, as most of you probably know me being addicted to computer games. I can fully take advantage of my games if I have a high-speed connection. Right now, my gaming experience sucks. That is another reason why I need a better connection. Anyway, I’ve learn that at this point a Charter Communications Xbox Sweepstakes is going on and it is open to everyone who resides in the area where their service is available. You are eligible if you purchase one of their services online or even just register. Imagine that, not only you are going to be with a company that is committed in giving their customers high-quality and reliable service, you will also have a chance to win one of 45 Xbox 360, which you can use to enjoy their high speed internet connection even better! Do not wait up and register now as they are giving away an Xbox 360 everyday until December 15.

To entice you even more, here are the Price Pack Details:

XBox 360® Pro Console
XBox LIVE Headset
Wireless Controller
Component HD AV Cable
20Gb Detachable Hard Drive

For complete details of the sweepstakes rule, please click here.


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