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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Men's Made-To-Measure Suits

Spending thousands of dollars for a custom suit is very common to public figures like movie actors, sports stars, or politicians especially when they are attending red carpet events in their respective fields. Famous designers made most of their suits so you know how expensive those can be.

For regular people like my husband, a designer mens’ suit is not an option. He cannot afford it. However, there is a great alternative to that, a Made to measure suit from This will save him a lot of time rather than browsing all day through the store’s off-the-rack suits, which are either too big or too small for him. With, he will get a tailored suit that is made to his exact measurements for a price that starts at $495.00. A single button jacket with lapel, flat panel with coin pocket pants using a premiere fine fabric, 100% wool black herringbone is an excellent choice. I am about to drag my husband and see if he would like to schedule an appointment because he is very finicky when it comes to suits.


Anyways, for those men out there who are interested in getting a perfectly made suit, simply visit and fill-out their free online scheduler to make an appointment to be measured. Do not be intimated if you have not had a made-to-measure suit before because a consultant will guide you through the process, from measuring to styling and fabric selection. They have 40 years of manufacturing and retail experience using great technology and fine craftsmanship, so with their custom made suits; you will sure look like a million bucks!


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