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Monday, February 11, 2008

Went To The Dentist

Today, I had my long overdue visit to the dentist... they had my teeth x-rayed (again, as this is our new dentist) They cleaned it, it was ok but it hurts every once in a while coz one of my teeth is a bit sensitive (she uses cold water so it hurts a bit) Anyways, after the dental hygenist, which by the way is having a hard time coz she said I have a small mouth :D, cleaned it up, the dentist checked it and told me that my three teeth needs to be exctracted. She said two of them is fine but still needs to be pulled out because it's way far back that I will have a hard time cleaning it (will be a problem in the long run). One has cavity (too much candy I guess). Then there's one tooth that might need root canal, but she said she's not sure yet.. I need to come back for her to check it. Wew! That's a lot of work...Will see how it goes.

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garydrew01 said...

Whew..that's too much dental procedures. I remember the last time I visited my Dentist in Irvine, he also did many things on my mouth. :D