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Thursday, February 21, 2008


After fixing my internet connection the whole afternoon, I finally got it going.. wew! I don't know what is the matter... I guess it is the freaking router. I called my service provider and asked if they are fixing something in their system, but said no.. I asked them to reboot my modem on their end, coz I did it already a thousand times and I still can't connect. I checked all the cables if they are properly connected and/or working (they are actually). So I guess it really is the router. But anyways, after all the restarting, interchanging the cables and everything.. it's all back to normal.. thanks to me ehehehehe :D Now, I'm hungry... gotta go!

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Bravespirit... said...

Hi! I can totally relate to this. Mine was down for 3 days! And what got me so upset was the connection would work on my sister's laptop considering that we have the same brand and model. The customer representative kept on telling me that they had problems at the base station where our connection was homed...which is hard to believe bec the internet connection perfectly worked in my sister's laptop!