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Friday, September 26, 2008


I am so used to attending to the needs of my two boys here (hubby and son). Yesterday, I was so surprised with my little boy. This is what happened... I put some food in the microwave, I believe some rice and chicken afritada, set it for 1 minute and left. I actually sat down on my computer to check if there are opps available. Then heard the microwave bell. I did not stand up, I'd like to wait for a little while, but it keeps on beeping. Anyways, after hearing it beeped for, probably 5 times, I heard my little boy opened it... after two minutes or so, he came to me and gave me the plate of food, I was shocked :) then he went downstairs again and came back with a spoon... isn't that sweet?! So I tested him, I said, "could you get me a bottle of water please?" He didn't answer but walked away, after a few seconds, here comes the bottled water. I can't believe that my little boy is getting bigger and bigger, a smarty pants too and one thing is for sure, I'm getting older and older :)

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