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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pianos by Lindeblad

Most kids start showing their interest in music at early stage. My son is no different. When he was two, he started paying attention to all the music that he hears and spent more time playing with his toy piano and guitar. Then when he got a little bit older and saw his uncle playing the piano, he showed more interest in it and loved sitting next to his uncle while he was playing. His daddy bought him an electronic keyboard, and I’m telling you he had a great time using it (wish I could find his pictures playing). However, that keyboard is now a history cause he broke it. His uncle, who now lives in Pennsylvania, is offering us his old baby grand. Thus, my hubby didn’t wanna drive to PA and back just to get it. He said it’s not gonna be practical at this time, first, he can’t absent himself from work, second, the gas price is so high that he’d rather buy his son some of those refurbished Steinways from Lindeblad Piano Restoration. It might not be in a day or two but in the near future. By the way Lindeblad Piano Restoration has been in the business of restoring old world pianos since 1920 and only uses the best materials available in the world and offers a ten year warranty on all parts and labor. Sound like a good deal to me. If you want to find out more visit

A photo of Steinway Piano

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