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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Omega Gold Watch

I have mentioned in my other blog that I’d like to start my gift shopping this year a bit early so the chance of forgetting someone is little to none. My priority this holiday season is my friend in the Philippines whom I forgot to send a greeting card last year. The next in line is my sister who just got married to her Australian boyfriend. I never get the chance to send them a wedding gift so I decided that I’d just buy them one gift as their wedding and Christmas present.

I am not thinking of buying them the typical wedding presents like toasters, microwaves, set of dishes and stuff because they are going to be living from one country after another for a while. So I am planning of buying something that they can take with them conveniently anywhere they go. Say, his and hers Omega watches. I am sure they’ll love it. I remember looking one omega gold watch from the website before so I checked the site again. Surprisingly, their super sale and the watchery giveaway are still going on. I might have to save a little more for the watches that I would like to buy, but hey! I know it’s all gonna be worth it as only sell 100% authentic brand name watches. Can’t wait to shop for that watch!

This is the watch that I want not for anybody but myself :)

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