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Monday, September 29, 2008

Clearance Prices

I was talking to my friend Shawie just a few moments ago. We are both frustrated because of our weights. Before we ended our conversation, we decided to commit ourselves into exercising and making changes with our eating habits. We will keep one another posted about our improvements. We decided to do this because every time we go to our closet, we get so upset because we can’t find an outfit anymore the fit us perfectly. Speaking of clothes, here are some of the outfits that I would like to fit into once I lose some weight.

I am sure my goal is attainable because all I needed is to at least shed 15 pounds. The difficult part though is to tone my abs and muscles. By the way, these clothings are from the website I will print this out as my way of motivating myself. When I achieved my target weight, I will definitely shop with them because they offer Cheap Jeans. As of today, it would only cost you $13.80. What a bargain! Discount Clothes, Teen Clothes with the highest quality is what Heavenly Couture offers, mostly it is priced $17.95 or less. Isn’t that tempting? I know it is! I am sure after reading this post you will be in a hurry to visit their website. :-)

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