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Saturday, August 23, 2008

In A Financial Mischief ?

As much as possible we all want to live a very comfortable life, but somehow, at some point in our lives, no matter how hard working we are, we still fall into severe financial mischief. I would like to use myself as an example. Although I love shopping (who doesn’t lol!), I am not a person who spends money lavishly. I see to it that every payday, I’d pay myself first, put it in my savings account for the rainy days. That “rainy days” started when my father was hospitalized. He was in and out of the hospital cause of his heart ailment. As their first born, I am compelled to help out. My credit cards were all maxed out from paying the bills and his prescription medicines. I feel like it’s the end of the world, credit card companies are calling me all the time. Debt consolidation is out of the question because at that time it’s never heard of (at least in my country). It’s hard, I really am weeping for Debt help.

Unsure of what’s going to happen to me, I told my fiancĂ© then, now my husband that I am really looking for some kind of Debt relief. He said not to worry about it because he will help me out. He was true to his word so I was able to get rid of all my credit card debts. Going through that kind of trouble made me more careful in dealing with my finances. If one of you on the other hand, needs assistance and more understanding of your financial health and ways to improve your financial score, is the way to go. You will learn so many things about debt consolidation, debt help, debt relief programs and Credit counseling by merely reading through their website. You can also ask questions and get advice from their experts. They will truly enlighten you and help you no matter what your financial status is. To me, knowing that there’s a company like Bills IQ who does that kind of good work makes me feel secured.


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