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Saturday, March 22, 2008

ICE Your Phone

In this modern society, I think cellphones have become one of the necessities for most individuals. With it, we’re able to keep in touch with our family, friends and to some, with their business associates. It’s just a perfect way to stay connected and has this feeling of being secured when you have one specially in case of emergency.

However, we can add another good use of our cellphones. It is called ICE your phone. You might ask what do I mean by that. ICE stands for In Case Of Emergency. How it works: First off, you need to choose a responsible person to be your ICE contact, then inform them that you chose them, give them all the info about you i.e. your medications, allergies, doctors etc. Then add them to your cellular’s phone book, then simply apply the ICE sticker to your cellphone. The point of the ICE sticker is to let the rescuers, doctors, paramedics or police officers know that it is ok to check your cellphone and reach the person that you wanted to be contacted in case you were in an accident or other emergency. I guess its our cue to ICE our phones. It can save lives. Need more info? Visit

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