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Monday, July 7, 2008

5.11 Tactical Specials

The Taste of Chicago has concluded today. It was said to be a successful one (as always) and attended by at least 2 million people. The police force did a good job in making the event as peaceful as possible. The weather was pretty good, but humid and hot most of the time. And speaking of police force, it reminded me of those 511 Tactical Shorts that can be found in It would have been more comfy for those police officers patrolling the Taste of Chicago cause I am telling you, it was very hot in the first few days of the said event.

Anyways, also offers holsters, tactical gears, boots, eyewear, shirts, vests and more! Plus, if you buy any 5.11 tactical clothing, the shipping is free (even the return shipping), free hat and if you bought items over $125, you will even get a free travel mug. I think that’s an awesome deal.

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